Sustainability and the Environment

Cold rolled steel buildings are an extremely sustainable and environmentally sound choice.

  • Steel frame, bolts and fixings all re-usable, relocatable, reconfigurable and repeatedly recyclable
  • Energy efficient insulated composite panel technology
  • Precision engineered to reduce waste
  • Reduced foundation requirements, so less concrete required
  • No heavy plant, welding or painting required so reduced CO2 emissions
  • Long term sustainability due to long lifespan

Steel can be reused and recycled repeatedly without ever losing its qualities as a building material. This unique characteristic gives all steel a high economic value at all stages of its life cycle which, unlike some other construction materials, ensures that it is routinely recovered and reused. Consequently, the recovery infrastructure for steel recycling is highly developed, highly efficient, and has been in place for decades. Current recovery rates from demolition sites in the UK are 96% for all steel construction products – a figure that far exceed those for any other construction material.

Because our steel frames are essentially a kit of parts, it is possible that they may be dismantled and reused. Bolted connections allow components to be removed in prime condition and easily reused either individually or en masse as entire structures. It means that steel components have the potential to be perpetually reused in a continuous loop, and never sent to landfill.

Our LGS steel structures can be fully dismantled and reconstructed in a different location in a matter of weeks, without creating any dust and dirt, and very little noise.